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Argentina releases country brand

A brand new country of Argentina simple and concise, generates controversy among the design community in that country.

What is it that essentially characterizes a country and how can it be represented? In most Latin American countries, diversity is supposed to be what identifies us and that is why its brands have become mutable in recent times. This is the case in the region with  BrasilColombiaBoliviaEcuadorHonduras o México.  Argentina with ChileCosta RicaPerú  y Uruguay,  manage a list of simple and defined identities that renounce to proclaim diversity and focus on an attribute of value, thus achieving something much more forceful and recognized.

The previous country brand of Argentina designed in 2012 was a very fortunate evolution of the original 2005, from the evolution of the bands of its flag that everyone identifies thanks to its powerful football team, a brand in itself.

The new brand maintains the original white and blue in a blue circle with an “A” at the bottom. Perhaps emphasizing the southern position of the country on the planet, an extreme simplicity that contrasts with the evident elegance and dynamism of the previous brand.

But as every country brand is essentially dynamic and it is proposed that the circle be a portrait frame for images of the country, its people, its places and values.

Gustavo Koniszczer, Managing Director for Hispanic America of FutureBrand, defines the new symbol as:

“a viewer through which passes everything the country has to share and show, but always with the reference of the “A” that marks the location of the country in the world”.

According to the Official Gazette of the country, it is an interministerial effort with the task of “developing and formulating the Argentine country brand strategy for international positioning, the promotion of tourism and exports, and the promotion of direct foreign investment.”

The brand has been commissioned to FutureBrand  that already has in its portfolio that of other latinomerican countries, the result is a correct answer to the brieff that they received and that they asked “show a country that is reinserted into the world, […] who wants to spread his culture on the planet, but aware of the place he occupies in it”.


It is too early to judge, because there is not yet a single piece of communication in the market, but there is a strong demand from a large part of the designer community for the excessive simplicity of the brand that makes it look bland according to some. It was also compared to Mashable’s, something in my opinion irrelevant for being from such different sectors. What they fail in my opinion is to use the same typography of the presidency of the nation, with which very surely as soon as the government changes, the brand will change.

Cwith time we will know if to renounce the bands, so Argentine, by an accidental identifier that is to say, geographic was a success or not.








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