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Marcio Dupont

Website: https://about.me/marciodupont

Diseñador Industrial por la UAM-Azcapotzalco, México, Maestria en Diseño Sustentable por la Universidad de Bornemouth, Inglaterra. En Brasil actualmente como consultor de innovación de productos, servicios, modelos de negócios en los aspectos de sustentabilidad e inclusión.


The future emerges from the human being

I share some points of the conference of the Brazilian futurist Rosa Alegria in the InovaBra Habitat in São Paulo, Brazil with the theme of Personal Futurism. The article arises from personal notes throughout the conference and workshop: “While you are reading this article, the future is being formed, he is infinite, as well as Seguir leyendo


Are you a disruptive leader?

I attended a lecture about disruptive leaders with brazilian futurist Jaqueline Weigel at InovaBra a new and trendy innovation hub from Brazilian Bank Bradesco in São Paulo, Brazil and would like to share this learning about being a disruptive leader in this 21 century new world First of all I would like to clarify what Seguir leyendo


The MIT Design Lab Guidelines

I attended the presentation of the MIT Design Lab (MDL) Director, Yihyun Lim, in Bradesco’s new innovation space in São Paulo, InovaBra Habitat, where she shared the guidelines that guide the design process of the famous MIT Design Lab and some projects as specific examples. It began by exposing the seven design guides that the Seguir leyendo