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LACOD in Milan. Argentina, Brasil, Colombia and México also are there

Already announced in the main Italian media ” Latin American Contemporary Design”, LACOD in Milan goes. Never before  a Latin American  group show in the design capital. How did it come about and who are we going?

Six months ago, we were talking with Nelly de Juan, a Spanish interior architect who has lived in Milan for many years and director of the ei-Design website, about the possibility of making a Latin American design exhibition in Milan during her week of design. . The bold but viable idea due to the quality of designers that we have in the region. Nelly’s dedicated research yielded positive results, the cost of doing it, renting a space instead of good circulation, was much less expensive than we thought and therefore quite viable. So we went high.


By working as a team with ei-Design, which has all the contacts and links, we can achieve a good  space in the best possible place for a really competitive price.  Watching the press releases in the distance we seem to be one of the most outstanding events in the neighborhood, as we can see in the dissemination that specialized media are already doing.

Milan in context:

The Fuori Saloni ( outside exhibition ) It is an event that takes place in the whole city in parallel to “Salone del mobile” , the largest and most important design exhibition in the world. Due to the magnitude of it and the thousands of people who come from all over the planet. In the city there are a number of events and parallel exhibitions of all types of companies. The most emblematic of them rent huge warehouses outside the fair grounds to invite their clients to finish their visit there. The same happens with small companies and independent designers that do not fit in the institutionality of the “salone” These tend to be associated in communal spaces, galleries or even apartments within the areas for which the movement is made which is coordinated by means of maps and interactive guides

Some neighborhoods and streets of the city, which during the year have no visibility, are transformed for this event. The “Tortona” area is known, where the largest companies of the “Italian Design System” and the Brera area are located, both around the downtown Milan.


In recent years, a new, more alternative zone has emerged and, therefore, the most interesting “Isola Design District” qwhich was launched last year with an emphasis more towards independent design and small productions. What the Italians call “artiginato” that is not equivalent to its literal translation handcraft because in their case they are traditions of millenary trades, mixed with materials and sophisticated production systems. The entrance to Isola is in a square where the “Vertical Forest” is located. A building that has become an icon in the city next to the new Gae Aulenti space.

In this place, since last year a new design district was created that started in the previous week of the 2017 design, with great success, since it is the neighborhood that follows Brera, a traditional sector of the “Fuori Saloni”. The Isola route begins in Ada Stecca, a cultural center of the artisans and small Milanese producers, where the “headquarters” of  Isola Design District, ywhere will also be the exhibition of Latin American design in Milan: Latin American Contemporary Design LACOD, as a featured event. We are at the center of the action.


The process:

The call was made by this site,  associated with ie-Design  with the support of all our friends in different latinamerican countries precipitated a lot of requests, more than 70 but unfortunately did not meet the requirements of product quality or  innovative design. To many excellent fashion designers, we inform you that this was not the event for them, others simply did not have the level that the organization “Isola Design District” want . In the end 12 were selected, of which unfortunately 3 could not finally attend.

The selected ones:

At the end we have the participation of 5 designers or teams from Colombia. 2 from Mexico, one from Brazil and one from Argentina: Here we have some of their pieces:




Already present last year in Paris and NY, the 6/9 studio is in Milan


Also from its Macarena line. This set of dishes is inspired by the bullring of this traditional Bogota neighborhood


From Jorge and Valeria Montaña. The eriza collection that comes from the Venice art biennial.

Hector Alvarez, a purist of good form, comes from Mexico.
Also from Mexico: Mary Arrieta with jewels


DKO studio, your partner Giovanna Antúnez is Brazilian. But his studio is in Naples. It is Brazilian design made in Italy.


Daniel Rubio The designer from Bogota has two pieces of impeccable furniture.


Claudia Akel. A really nice work of very respectful intervention on indigenous backpacks from references of the Colombian coastal region.


The Mangle study. They modestly define themselves as carpenters but they are furniture and wood artists with a worldwide presence.


Martin Dalponte celebrates the barbecue. He is the author of this modular grill but brings to Milan a line of accessories like this “penguin” inspired by the tradition of the Argentine jar with this form

The Latinamerican Contemporary Design exhibition is organized in Italy by ei-Design with the management and promotion of LACOD

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