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Morandini is the winner of the Carpetvista competition

Amongst more than 17,000 works of designers and artists from around the world, the brazilian project was chosen as the winner of the textile design contest promoted by the Swedish company Carpetvista.

Created in 2007, this is the first time the contest has been won by a South American designer.

In addition to the cash prize, the project will be heavily publicized by Carpetvista in the international specialized press.

With limited edition, the carpet with this design will be manufactured and sold in the first half of 2018.



“For me it does not matter if it’s design, art or even a third possibility, without definition. What really matters is making the difference in people’s lives. Touching, exciting and making smile. The key is to contribute to society, returning to it a little of what we have received. The value of our work is its legacy. In that it can offer the best to the world. For me, that’s what really matters..”

The autor

Perhaps this is the best definition to what Morandini has been accomplishing for more than 30 years.
Without worrying about social labels, he walks in the thin line between design and art. His creations are born to fill the eyes. Impossible to be indifferent.

His logos, arts and illustrations are made to shine, taking along with them companies, products, brands and people to meet highly positive and amazing trips.

Morandini was born in São Paulo, in a house filled with art and music.
Like all children, he used to live with a pencil in his hand scribbling on any paper that laid in front of him. As he grew up, he never stopped.

Graduated in Advertising, he also studied graphic design, arts and illustration.
In 1985, he opened his studio, where he creates logos, illustrations, and visual identity programs so that companies, products, services and people are able to gain prominence in this increasingly filled with images world.

His works have been used in packaging, advertising, events, print, architecture and digital environments, produced for customers of all sizes and segments.

He is part of the select group of artists invited for the four editions of the Cow Parade, the biggest event of urban art of the world.

His creations are characterized by funny images of apparent simplicity, but always provoke and invite to a second look.

 Morandini´s portfolio here