Traces of a Dutch designer in Latin America

The departure of the Dutch designer resident for almost 60 years in Italy, Andries Van Onck on May 18, reminds Continue Reading

In the Meca.

In August of 2017, LACOD went on the web with the manifest intention of internationalizing Latin American design. Nine months Continue Reading

Support intensive-design companys: A safe bet to export.

Different estrategies, different actors, in Argentina with a State program In Colombia, from the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, both Continue Reading

Argentina releases country brand

A brand new country of Argentina simple and concise, generates controversy among the design community in that country. (more…)

Atelier 1913. How to represent a story

UA gourmet coffee from a remote area of deep Brazil, makes the tradition and craft composition its added value. (more…)

LACOD in Milan. Argentina, Brasil, Colombia and México also are there

Already announced in the main Italian media " Latin American Contemporary Design", LACOD in Milan goes. Never before  a Latin American  group show in the design capital. How did it come about and who are we going? (more…)

Design in Corona: The recognition of a strategic process

The Colombian multinational Corona, celebrates the conquest of   IF Design  Award with  ALUVIA faucet   we talk with the design team about this project and how is  design process in home (more…)

Regional Development

by:  Proff. Arq. Jonny Gallardo* Anticipating the activities that will be developed in the month of July in Quito and Bogotá, which we will be publish opportunely, we will deliver monthly, a series of notes related to the management, production Continue Reading

Confetti: Prosthetic coverage to make the life of the amputee friendlier

Confetti prosthesis coverage is awarded in three of the most important global design competitions, its success: to solve something simple but fundamental. Make the user feel comfortable using orthopedic help. The product: Confetti is a coverage for adaptable lower extremity Continue Reading

Mars M1 individual electric vehicle to attend emergencies

Today we come across a university project that reaches a surprising level of development where, in addition to a product, a system is offered: (more…)

Morandini is the winner of the Carpetvista competition

Amongst more than 17,000 works of designers and artists from around the world, the brazilian project was chosen as the winner of the textile design contest promoted by the Swedish company Carpetvista. Created in 2007, this is the first time Continue Reading

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