Traces of a Dutch designer in Latin America

The departure of the Dutch designer resident for almost 60 years in Italy, Andries Van Onck on May 18, reminds Continue Reading

In the Meca.

In August of 2017, LACOD went on the web with the manifest intention of internationalizing Latin American design. Nine months Continue Reading

Support intensive-design companys: A safe bet to export.

Different estrategies, different actors, in Argentina with a State program In Colombia, from the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, both Continue Reading

A vision of Venezuelan design and Venezuelan designers in the world.

Every year, the designer and professor Ignacio Urbina, with the collaboration of his colleagues, presents the publication "No Materia", a sample of what Venezuelans do inside and outside the country, a dialogue between those more experimental and academic exercises and Continue Reading

Diseño para el restaurante popular

Jorge Diego Etienne Mexican designer proposes a new furniture for restaurants, coffee-shops and popular fondas respecting its characteristics. It is customary for strenuous shopkeepers, soda and beer companies to furnish furniture and advertisements in exchange for stamping their brand advertising Continue Reading

Product Design: Boco

Detailed description of a real design process for a stackable armchair container for children between 4 and 6 years. In this article we explain the design process that guides to the product (more…)

Scupltures in Bello Horizonte park

If you go tu  Belo Horizonte, Brasil  in this days, we recomemd  to visit this sensational work of Rio de Janeiro artists Felipe Barbosa and Rosana Ricalde exhibited in Praça da Liberdade and Memorial Minas Gerais. They made animals from Continue Reading

What the International Design Festival left behind: throughout the week, talks, exhibitions, debates and workshops were held at the CMD. (more…)

A disruptive event

A businessman who comes from the textile sector and a marketing expert passionate about design, come together to make a novel and attractive proposal to exhibit independent design. (more…)

Bicycle Designer

At the UPB in Medellín, the engineer and designer Andrés Valencia gives practical courses in designing bicycles as well as designing them. (more…)

Explorations towards the kitchen

Tu Taller Design, design studio and Haceb, the largest company of electrical appliances in Colombia work together in the design proposal of a nomadic kitchen to solve the new  needs of the market. Led by David del Valle,  industrial designer, Continue Reading

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